Redderkamp 86
24111 Kiel
Tel. +49 (0)431 / 6 99 76



I provide qualified consecutive, or face-to-face, interpreting services. In this mode, the speaker delivers a few sentences or paragraphs and then pauses while I render the message into the target language.

As a sworn interpreter for English and Russian I am available for assignments at law courts, police stations, public authorities, law firms and notaries public.

Business clients

Business clients value my interpreting services at corporate events, for example:

  • interpreting at business meetings and negotiations
  • interpreting at contract negotiations and notarial recordings
  • interpreting at exhibitions and trade fairs
  • interpreting on business trips in Germany and abroad
  • interpreting for international delegations
    (support with programme organization considering cultural and social aspects available on request)

Private clients

For private clients I offer the following interpreting services:

  • interpreting at the registry office and other public authorities and institutions
  • interpreting at law offices and notaries public
  • interpreting at other events

I do not provide simultaneous interpreting, i.e. almost instantaneous interpretation using equipment such as headsets, microphones and soundproofed booths.